Thursday, July 9, 2015

Buying a Home...

First off, I’ve never gone through anything more ridiculous in my life.  The prices in Salt Lake just seem astronomical but in comparison to other places in the United States I'm sure they are reasonable.  What does that even mean?  We’ve looked at quite a few houses.  We’re even meeting with a builder on Saturday to see if building is a viable option’ despite the fact that all new homes in our area come with a 5 inch backyard.  Chris and I both have good jobs.  We’re extremely reasonable spenders, but as we drive around and look at homes all we can think is, “What the crap do all these people do for a living?” 


  1. Ditto! And house hunting for us is as hard as naming a baby. We can't agree on anything.

  2. I feel your paid. If it's any consolation a 4 bedroom house that would be $300-$400k in Utah is $800-1 million!!!! here. So we'll be renting forever :(((((((