Wednesday, July 1, 2015


 Last night Chris was laying on the couch watching The Profit on Hulu.  A really good show if you like that sort of thing. Chris does.  Anyway, about ten minutes in, Chris leaned over and asked, “Are you blogging?”  I rolled my eyes when he continued, “make it short, I don’t like to read long paragraphs.”  Then I think he asked me to go get him a drink.  As the only person obligated to read this, I appreciate his feedback, but sometimes still want to smack him.  Marriage is  funny huh. 


  1. Haha, so here I am blog stalking and saw this post. First of all, hillarious. Marriage is funny huh. Yesterday I sat down to write a post that was a big deal to me and Matt and my conversation went like this. Him- What are you doing? Me- Blogging. Him- About how grumpy you are? ... haha. I wanted to say, Yes. That's exactly what I'm writing about dear. And you're in it. ;) Matt doesn't even read my blog haha.