Thursday, August 13, 2015

7 ways to cope with being a working mom...

This post has sat uncompleted for awhile now.  I think because I don't really cope with being a working mom very well, but here is 7 things that do help me out on occasion.

1.  Buy frozen/canned vegetables - These take nearly half the time to cook than fresh. My kid loves fruit, and I regularly have fresh fruit in the fridge but you can't give a kid with four teeth a raw carrot, so get yourself some frozen crap for the freezer to make you feel less guilty about re-heating the Kraft Mac & Cheese from the night before.

2.  Stop doing things you hate - I hate putting zip up pajamas on a toddler you just greased down with lotion.  I thought babies had to be lotion-ed after the bath, they don't, C's skin has managed just fine and I enjoy the 10 extra minutes I'm not fighting with my toddler before bed.  Don't do something just because you think you're supposed to.

3.  Allow screen time  - Everything in moderation, I know.  But the minute C would sit and watch Thomas the Train while I showered was the minute I figured I could do this whole mommy gig.

4.  Get outside after work  - I used to give myself a half hour to lay on the couch after work every day, soak up a little Ellen.  I stopped, one because I found it annoying when my own mom used to do that. (I'm not judging you mom, I totally get it.) But I realized if I don't just change my clothes and go straight outside my half hour might turn into an hour and I just don't have that time to waste.

5.  Don't put your baby in bed with you for any reason what so ever  - Treat this like bible my friends because trying to break your toddlers habit of rubbing his tiny little rump up next to your head night after night is about the hardest thing I've ever done.

6.  Stop drinking caffeine - I just killed about 15 little mom hearts and I'm sorry but it's true.  I don't stand to be the opitemy of good heath.  I eat truck loads of sugar and I'm over weight, but caffeine messes with your sleeping and when you have a baby you don't need to add any other sleep element to the mix.  Once I stopped caffeine my world changed.

7. Say family prayer - it makes you feel like your doing something right when your kid screams out "Amen" in sacrament, especially when you feel like your missing so much being at work all day.

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