Tuesday, August 11, 2015

36 Years...

This morning as I drove to work I thought about Chris.  His birthday was on Sunday and I had literally the craziest week of my life last week.  By Sunday I was so exhausted I felt like I couldn’t get out of bed, a combination between working more than 60+ hours last week and being sick, it was difficult to celebrate Chris.  In honor of his birthday I thought I’d share some of my thoughts from this morning here.

-          Chris laughs constantly, it’s infectious.  He saves clips he sees on TV, sends me links to Youtube of complete and utter nonsense that sometimes isn’t even funny.  But when I watch them with him he laughs so hard he can’t breathe.

-          Chris NEVER complains.  It’s almost obnoxious how pleasant he is about his work, and interactions with others.

-          Every move Caldwell makes Chris stands in awe of.  Chris is a very hands on dad, who spends countless hours in thrilling wrestling matches with C on our bed.  They are both sweaty and filled with laughter at the end.

-          Chris see’s the good in me that sometimes I can’t.  Last night I broke a light bulb in our room with a blanket I was using to make our bed.  Chris vacuumed it up in frustration saying, “you are either extremely brilliant or extremely stupid and there is no in between.”  He might speak truth, but regardless; he helps clean up my messes and encourages my brilliance.

-          Chris’s mind is extremely hard to conceptualize – it’s something I try to do often.   The majority of our conversations are me talking, but every once in a while he will talk and talk.  He’s interested in space, architecture, gospel doctrine, technology, music, etc.  It’s hard to keep up with the way his mind works.

-          There’s no one tighter than Chris – he holds on to cash like it’s the great depression.  At our annual budget meeting each year his focus is only if we paid our tithing in full, and more accountability when it comes to getting to the temple once a month.  This can sometimes be annoying, but the right kind of annoying.

-          Chris has a stubbornness that pronounces itself often and has aided in his success.  He sticks to his guns and doesn’t falter when it comes to things that are important.  He is strong willed in everything he does, which is counterbalanced by indecisiveness.  The guy can’t choose where to eat or what to get on the menu to save his life.

Life with Chris is such a whirlwind of laughter.  Even when we’re having our moments or when we’ve faced our biggest struggles there’s just something that’s been right about “us” from the beginning.  I feel so strongly he is the best person for me that sometimes that gratitude turns into guilt.  I’m reminded each day how grateful I am that a troubling marriage isn’t my trial.       

Chris got an edible arrangement from his sister Julie for his birthday, which I was pretty jealous of, since I've wanted one forever!!!

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