Friday, August 14, 2015

Ignorance Isn't Bliss....

Today I went to a lunch meeting, the meeting was for a professional women's group.  An organization I sit on the board of, and an association I really enjoy.  The meeting today was on story telling and the ability to tell your story effectively in business.  At the end the speaker allowed for question and answer.  A middle aged women sitting across from me said, "what happens when your telling someone your story and their eyes glaze over, and it's obvious that person doesn't care about you or your story?"  I loved this question so much, and I expressed that from across the table.  The speakers answer was, "the person who is ignoring your story, has probably been ignored so much they reverberate those feelings back onto you ."  That struck me so hard.  I recalled speaking to the same women who asked the question when she came in, she had been telling me something about antiques but now as I recall back on her story, I can't remember it.  I wasn't focused and I'm sitting here with a sinking feeling that perhaps my eyes were the one's that glazed over.

Each day with my work I'm constantly ignored.  Don't feel bad, it's part of the industry and I'm well aware of what I do and it's effects on who I am, but today it stuck.  Maybe I'm getting ignored so much that I'm starting to ignore others.  A thought that made me re-evaluate who I am, what I'm doing, and the person I truly want to become.

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