Monday, January 25, 2016

Caldwell Talks...

Caldwell hit the terrible two's the second December 2nd came.  I've been trying my best not to wish this phase away, but seriously if the kid could just tell me what the heck he wants.  This past weekend we've seen some progress, only slightly, but progress is progress and his sweet sentences deserve to be recorded somewhere. 

Chris and Caldwell were running through the house Sunday night. Chris got tired and sat down on the couch.  Caldwell looked at him and said, "Chris.Run.Now!"

I hurt my back.  Friday night I rolled off the couch and dramatically hit the floor joking with Chris.  Caldwell ran over, "you okay?"

My mother in law text me today and said while Caldwell was watching Curious George there was a mom and a hippo on the screen.  Caldwell said, "they happy!"

Caldwell tends to pee through his diaper at night.  I went to get him out of bed this morning and he tells me, "cute Christmas ja-ma's are wet."  (I always tell him he looks cute in his Christmas pajamas, because he does.)

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