Sunday, January 31, 2016


Saturday night we got pizza and watched Big Hero 6 with Caldwell.  A moment to remember as I sat on the couch thinking of the many movie nights to come with my family.  My days pass too quickly and because pregnancy puts me into some type of exhausted depression, I want to be better at capturing these moments.  Here's some great things to remember about our month. 

Earlier this month Chris took a day off work to oversee some plumbers who were fixing some of our numerous plumbing issues in our new (old) house. (Seriously, it's been bad. I even puked at one point just talking about how our sewer line backed up.)  C got to stay with Dad and they sent me photo's at work.  Marriage sure does change over time in so many good ways. I think the number one reason I fell in love with Chris is because he was so fun, and hilarious.  He still keeps me laughing, but watching him be a dad is way better than when he makes me laugh hysterically. 

When we bought a house we also bought a cat.  The people who sold us the house left it behind (who does that?)  Chis is allergic and the neighbor said it was good a hunting the mice that come in from the field behind our house, so we had to keep it.  Our neighbor is actually so happy about this cat he feeds it and takes care of it, but it lives at our house.  It's a bit wild, but for some reason it loves C.  My favorite thing is when they walk around and C uses the tail as his steering wheel.  Keep waiting for the thing to attack him.  

C is nothing but trouble these days.  Like this time he dumped out all the spices in the pantry or the baby powder all over the couch.  This last week we got plastic handles for our door knobs so he can't escape and get into things he's not supposed to, yet somehow he still does.  

This Tuesday we are excited to find out what we are having and to know if Caldwell will have a little  brother or sister.  Chris really wants a boy and I'm leaning that way just because we have everything and buying all new girl clothes, etc seems overwhelming (I'm a really horrible and lazy pregnant person) but for some reason I have this feeling it's a girl.  Either way we will be thrilled, and the planner inside of me can start working on that room.  When C was born we were living in Provo in a house with two small rooms.  The extra room stored all our stuff and we were poor so C didn't have a crib.  We just threw the pack and play in with the boxes and he did just fine.  This time I'm really looking forward to nesting and being more prepared than last time.  

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  1. Pregnancy puts me into an exhaustive depression too! I've never heard it described more perfectly!!!