Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Pregnancy #2...

I had hoped to do much better at recording this pregnancy as I did with Caldwell.  The truth is this one is just so different and so much harder.  I recall being tired and somewhat sick with C but I don't recall missing work or literally feeling like I can't do anything.  Any energy I do have is in the mornings, so I use it up at work and by 1:00 I'm beat.  To the point I literally go lay in my car and fall asleep with an alarm or just long for a pillow to lay under my desk.  For the record, I've never actually laid under my desk.  This go round I keep thinking, who the hell fought for women's rights. Being stuck at home would be awesome! ha ha just kidding, sort of.

This week I am 30 weeks, so I only have 10 more to go.  Which I know will come quickly but right now it seems like forever.  There's a part of me that wishes I had stuck with my degree and taught school, only because that would mean I would get to stop working the first of June, instead of clear up until my due date.  I'm irrational here people, this baby is killing me.

The other thing I'm surprised about with this pregnancy is how emotional I get and irrational I feel. Poor Chris looks at me half the time wondering where this person came from and I just can't seem to control my crazy.  This last week Chris has been really sick.  He even stayed home from work one day, which never happens and was in the emergency room the Friday night before - for what we thought was his gal bladder.  Then this weekend Caldwell and I contracted whatever he had and last night before I went to bed, I thought I can do this. I can stay up all night with my sick kid and still go to work.  Even though, I myself was feeling really bad. I kept telling myself it was only one day.  I put Caldwell's crib mattress beside a little bed on the floor in our extra room so Chris could get a good night sleep in our bed and we did okay.  Caldwell would wake up with his sore throat and scream saying, "mommy it hurts."  I could rub his back or get him a drink until he fell back to sleep. That was until about 2am when we switched beds and I slept the rest of the night on the crib mattress. By the time my alarm went off I had been asleep what felt like 20 minutes.  So I called in sick and Caldwell is sitting here on my lap feeling slightly better watching Despicable Me and I thought I'd record this interesting time in our lives.  What are the chances we'd all get sick with Chris having his gal bladder issues and me my pregnancy issues?