Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Caldwell meets Mason...

To be honest the initial meeting between my two boys left little to be desired.  Caldwell is well acquainted with the gloves the doctor's wear and my old OB used to give him a pair of gloves when I went in for a visit.  So Caldwell was more interested in getting a pair of gloves than his new brother. He did give him some kisses and was sweet for a moment and then moved on. Papa and Grandma Hanks showed up and then all was lost.  Caldwell loves Papa!

I was really nervous about bringing the new baby home.  Caldwell has been in a really hard stage and he wants to be entertained every minute.  He also wants to be outside all the time.  Luckily things have gone better than I expected.  My favorite thing is Caldwell loves changing Mason's diaper. Every few minutes he will tell me the baby pooped and that we need to change his booty.  We like to call it "booty duty" at our house.  Chris is never on "booty duty" but I tell him he is a lot.  Caldwell yells "GROSS" every time we take Mason's diapers off and likes to unfold the new diaper.  It cracks me up. Caldwell has had some melt downs when he's needed me and I'm nursing, but for the most part we've done okay.  Luckily I bought a bunch of dollar store items and some new toys prior.  I try to give Caldwell some attention and a new boy prior to nursing and he seems to do fine.  However, we are starting to run out of toys so who knows what the next few weeks bring.  Also we have Netflix which has helped, even though I hate to admit how much TV he's been watching.  I have to keep telling myself that this is just the season of life I'm in and TV has to be okay for now.

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