Sunday, January 29, 2017

Caldwell 3 - Mason 7 months...

Chris asked me today if I was still writing about the boys in my journal.  The truth is I haven't been doing much of anything but trying to survive these 4-5 months.  Now that I am staying home with the boys it seems fitting to record a bit about them.

Caldwell 3 years old - Okay three years old is my absolute favorite.  At the end of summer Caldwell went through a hard stage.  Mason's arrival really didn't seem to bother him until Mason was about 6 weeks old and then it was like - oh this kid is staying.  He started acting out a lot.  I remember one Sunday where Chris and I literally just gave up on church 15  minutes in.  Then all the sudden Caldwell turned three and he is an absolute crack up.  I'm enjoying him so much.  He can talk really well, and communicating is so nice.  December was entirely magical for Caldwell.  His birthday, and then Christmas.  At least once a week he asks me if it's Christmas Eve yet. Chris and Caldwell have been watching YouTube fail video's together or America's Funniest Home Video's.  Watching them together, laughing and enjoying each other is so much fun.  Caldwell is now potty trained and he almost did it by himself.  I'm glad I waited until he was three.  

It's funny how as a mom you always just worry about your kids.  My biggest worry is that Caldwell is not being stimulated enough.  Especially with so much snow.  He always wants to play with friends and enjoys it so much.  However, because I've been working I'm still not very familiar with kids to play with.  My biggest goal with being home is to get Caldwell out of the house.  It doesn't help that every time I sit down to nurse Mason that I turn a show on for Caldwell.  With that, as well as, Mason being a hard baby, I definitely use TV as a crutch and I'm really trying to stop.   I have this fake goal in my head that I want to do 30 days of no TV for Caldwell and I.  I also keep telling myself we will shut down TV for the entire summer, which seems more realistic.  Also, I'm so excited for Caldwell to start pre-school in the fall.  Not because I want him to grow up, but because I know how much he will enjoy it. 

Mason 7 months - Mason Bates is the best.  He's rolling over and pivots so quick it makes us laugh hysterically.  I had to order 18 month onesies for our tall little guy.  Caldwell was always off the charts for height, but for some reason I think Mason will be bigger than Cald.  Mason loves Caldwell so much.  They play each morning on my bed and there a lot of times I find Caldwell laying in Masons crib.  Mason has almost stopped nursing.  I'm not sure why.  I went through a really stressful last two months and I honestly think the stress has caused me to lose my milk.  We are nursing about once or twice a day is all.  Which makes me really sad because I really wanted to make it 12 months.

In all honesty Mason has been a difficult baby.  There's a part of me that doesn't want to complain because I have a beautiful baby boy who we couldn't live without.  But I think it's good for him to know the drama he's caused with his screaming and his ability to NEVER sleep.  In 7 months Mason has slept through the night maybe twice.  I have read books, let him cry it out, changed formula and tried what feels like everything.  I've come to the conclusion that he is just Mason and I have to stop stressing about it.  At this point, I just get up and try to love on him as much as possible because I know this time won't last forever.  The screaming is a different story.  Mason is just fussy.  Now that he's digesting things better and he doesn't have a billion ear infections he has gotten so much better. But since I held him so much during all that, now he wants to be held constantly.  He didn't roll over until nearly 6 months I literally could not sit him down.  

These are the photo's of Caldwell's third birthday.  Throughout the month of December Cald had that red rash around his mouth from his nose dripping.  Poor guy.  Even though he doesn't look pleasant in some of these pictures, he was so thrilled.  We have had lasagna and garlic bread on Caldwell's birthday the last two years.  He loves it, so I sort of hope it becomes a tradition.  I also want to remember how much Caldwell loves Rubble from Paw Patrol.  I hope I can always remember his voice saying, "Rubble's digger" for as long as I live.