Monday, July 3, 2017

3 years old...

Dealing with a three year all day reminds me of one of those olden time shoot outs in the movies.  I spend all day long deciding if I'm going to draw my gun or not.  There are moments when both our guns are drawn and we are clenching our teeth so tight, wondering who is going to shoot.  Enforcement of the rules is a battle, and lots of time I lose.  Some of my favorite comments.....

"No you do it!"  He repeats this numerous times, until usually I just end up doing it. 
"No I'm too busy today."  
"I'm so tired, I have to go to bed."  Then he walks into his room and starts playing with toys.

We are in the test your boundaries phase BIG time!  

99% of the time Caldwell could care less about what he wears.  Because pulling up your pants is hard  after going to the bathroom, pants don't last long on a day to day basis.  However, we have a rule that if you're outside you have to wear underwear.  Caldwell hates this rule with every fiber of his being.  Every once in awhile, he gets an entire outfit like the one above.  There is a mirror in my bedroom that is just his height.  He always checks himself out before going outside.  I hope with everything I have that his confidence continues in years to come!
 I heard somewhere that watching your kids sleep is a good way to "deal" with the toddler years.  Ain't that the truth.  This boy is so precious when he's sleeping.  Caldwell has gotten to where he can adequately describe his dreams, and now that I don't work I am less anxious about him waking me up in the middle of the night.  Now when he has a bad dream we often lay in his bed and talk through the dream.  A dinosaur cooking him in a pot, or a ghost outside his window that only dad is strong enough to get rid of.  It's such precious moments like these that makes the shoot outs less difficult. 
We ride the train to see Grandma Patty and Papa.  Right now we are trying to get by with one car as long as possible.  It's honestly not the worst thing ever.  Especially when Grandma is willing to pickup us up from the train.  This particular moment is just after Caldwell proceeded to call a man with a white beard Santa Clause.  Caldwell was upset because he didn't have any presents.  It was endearing, and also really embarrassing because the white bearded man was super in shape.  Caldwell's entire focus in life right now is getting a Spider Man Car.  Which he saw on Youtube Kids.  Out of desperation and hours of crying for this very expensive car, we made the mistake of telling him he could ask Santa for it.  He asks me every morning if we are going to put up the Christmas tree today.  

Caldwell calls his camo shorts his jungle shorts.  He loves when dad wears his jungle shorts too.  I love this boy so much.  He is smart, stubborn, and so innocent.  I have moments where I feel like I just crushed him because of my own faults.  Then I remember he is strong and resilient and so forgiving.  I am so appreciative of his forgiveness, I could not love anything less.   

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