Sunday, July 30, 2017

Carter Meadow Bates....

Ever since this talk at the April General Conference, I've had doing some family history in the back of my mind.  Now that I'm home with the boys every morning feels the same, including the Sabbath so I tried to get up and do indexing to change it up on Sunday's.  However, being on a laptop with a 1 year old is surprisingly difficult and he wakes up so early!  My indexing plans became good intentions.  Then my ward decided to do a 7 week family history class.  It has been so enlightening and I've learned so much.  Although I am still at the phase where it all still feels overwhelming, so instead of doing anything worth of value, I've been spending my time reading and learning about all these people that went on before me.  In fact, I was surprised to know more about Carter Meadow Bates, who Mason is named after. 

When I was pregnant with Mason, we heard the name Meadow before we liked Mason.  Once we put the two together I had a really strong feeling that this would be the babies name.  That could be because of inspiration, or the fact that my first child ended up being named Caldwell because I didn't go to the hospital with a name.  I love Caldwell's name, but I wanted to think this naming through the second time.  We had heard of Carter Meadow Bates when we got to participate in some of his temple work.  He is Mason's great, great grandfather.  That was all I knew when I named him, but now there is so much more. 

This is Carter Meadow with his wife Mariam, and their son "Andy" who Chris affectionately refers to as Granddaddy Bates.  Carter Meadow lived his life in Tennessee and oddly enough has the same birthday as me, October 1st. Chris got to talk to that little boy in the picture last week last week on the 21st of July because he turned 99 years old.  

This is Chris with Granddaddy Bates or "Andy" last year when Chris went to South Carolina for his sister's wedding.  I was stuck at home waiting to birth Mason and didn't get to go. For the record, I was really mad about not being able to go and meet most of Chris extended family.  

What I've been enjoying more about all this family history is the ability to see families perpetuated.  I wonder if when Carter Meadow was holding his sweet little boy, he'd know he would live to be 99 years old.  That he would fly over Normandy as a glider pilot, that he would have a son that would birth my husband and that we would name our second child after him.  I'm sure he didn't and that's what makes all this so amazing, right.  We don't know what plan the Lord has in store for us.  We're just going about our lives not realizing all those who made this possible before us.  

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