Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Mason 1 year old pictures....

Mason turned one at the end of June.  Mason might as well be the cutest baby in the entire world to me right now.  I know all mom's feel that way about their babies, which I think is a good thing. Yesterday was the 24th of July and he finally got a hang of walking at my mom's house.  Today he has spent the entire day practicing.  I love to hear him grunt as he smiles so proudly at his new skills.  Mason and I have been through it together, this first year.  We've spent a lot of sleepless nights together rocking and trying to get that belly of his feeling better and we've bonded.  I've never felt a love, like I feel from Mason.  He literally screams every time I leave a room (which is actually annoying) and when someone else wants to hold him or talk to him he rarely gives them the time of day.  I know he won't want me this way forever so I'm doing my best to enjoy it.  I love being his safety net, the person he glances around the room for.  There truly isn't anything like a mother's love, am I right?  Happy 1st Birthday sweet boy, please bless the coming years with more sleep!

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