Sunday, July 2, 2017

Mason Meadow is ONE!

 Mason Meadow turned one on Friday, June 23rd.  It's funny how things work with your second kid.  I had thought all week his birthday was on Thursday because I had been thinking about the day he was born all week.  On Wednesday night I was bugging Chris to watch the boys so I could go get birthday stuff.  Then Chris was like, "What's the rush?"  I finally figured out his birthday wasn't the next day.  
 The difference between my two boys right here.  Caldwell would not touch his birthday cake.  Caldwell hates being messy, his face is nearly always clean, along with his hands.  Mason will eat anything, constantly has a messy face and is all about as much dirt as possible.  I love seeing their differences and love both ways!  In fact last night Caldwell came home from "Donalds" (McDonalds) where Grandma Jan took him to play on the play place.  His feet were a disgusting black, and as soon as he walked in the door he wanted to go get in the shower and clean his feet. What a funny kid. 
 Mason's birthday was centered around doing what Mason likes to do best.  Play in the driveway.  He loves pushing his walker up and down the driveway.  Chris sits at one end, and I sit on the other and we turn him around  He still refuses to walk.  He also loves riding with Caldwell.  Caldwell is so sweet to take things slow, they giggle and laugh.  We do this almost every night.  
One things about being a stay at home mom verses working, is my kids actually make it on time to their doctor's appointments and not 3-4 months late.  I'm also not stressing about time when I'm there, which made it so much more enjoyable.  Especially since this time the doctor explained that Mason has been losing weight and she was concerned.  My gut tells me all is well, if she knew how far this kid walked each night in the driveway she wouldn't worry, but it's okay.  We will give him all the extra calories.  

We sure love our Mr. Mason.  At the doctor the nurse went to give Mason one of his shots.  Caldwell was sitting close, and knew what was happening.  However, when the nurse gave Mason the first poke, Caldwell lunged on the nurse and grabbed her hand, pulling the shot away and nearly getting stabbed.  I made that sound more dramatic than it was, but the look on Caldwell's face was so protective.  We had to move Caldwell before getting the other 2 shots.  I think that's how we all feel about "baby" the word Caldwell still uses at times for Mason, we love him so much! 

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