Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Kitchen - Before & After....

The kitchen has actually been the room we've spent the least amount of time on.  Although it was just a couple week's a go that I decided to paint the walls.  The reality is the kitchen is somewhat new in comparison to much of the house, so even though I want to do re-do everything it's just not going to happen for awhile.  Chris and I have talked about painting the cabinets, but since we eventually want to rip them out we haven't done it yet.  Although I'm starting to get the motivation, especially since there are so few.

The long term plans for the kitchen are too long to spell out.  I have so many grand ideas and the reality is we are not sure if this will be our forever home or not.  It bothers me that the sink isn't directly under the window and that that sliding glass door is used for nothing other than little boy finger prints, but for now it works great.  The short list of updates I'd like to move forward with

1. New light fixtures
2. Paint cabinets (still debating)
3. Vent hole (not pictured) repaired
4. Oven handle fixed
5. New kitchen chairs (I am fine with my yard sale table, it's the perfect fit.  However, the chairs are falling apart.)
6.  Molding near the door to the basement updated.

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